There’s gonna be peace in the valley tomorrow ’cause tonight we’re gonna blow it all away. Lord we feel so twisted, we ain’t never gonna fix it, we’re just waiting on the light to shine on a brand new day

And I make no apologies for featuring the excellent Alabama 3 yet again, as featured in stv’s superb High Times, the fictional story of two druggies in a high-rise in Castlemilk, reminding me of a lifestyle well and truly behind me and, hopefully, you too.

After all, which of us, at some stage in our life, have not scraped the mould off a piece of cheddar, the blue bits off some bread, all for some really good toasted cheese, plus my own piece-de-resistance, brown sauce sachets and pepper packets stolen from the ASDA down the road. Oh? Just me, then. Oh.

And if you want a really serious previous lifestyle comment, check out the rest of the lyrics. However, the rest of today’s blog stays fun. Otherwise, complaints flood in. Well. One. But usually very quickly. Spooky. And wittingly.

But fairly quiet on the personal cancer front. As I said previously, I don’t see my consultant until towards the end of July which is a bit of a bummer. Except it’s not. It’s just blood tests this time. No need for the yellow marigolds, thankfully.

But well done to those nice people looking after the Mens’ Health Awareness campaign this week, particularly down at Braehead and a smashing pic featuring the Prostate Cancer Charity in the background and the SFA’s Gordon Smith up front…as it were. He may come to regret it but it will get used again….and again….and again.

And what a brilliant opportunity to feature Laura F and that gag! But it says here that she’s moved on to bigger (?) and better (?) things. Oh, the potential!

Can I just say that my favourite character in NCIS is the one that doesn’t get out much and drinks a lot of coffee? No. Doesn’t remind me of anyone at all. Abby Sciuto is ace!

Looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday, Suzy.

I was doing my own bit for prostate cancer awareness by wearing my blue man-cancer badge against a white background. What do you reckon, Vampire Slayer? Do I suit white just as well as you do? But at least it does stand out (No. We did all those gags weeks ago)

But Dennis, from Wednesday night’s curry, if you’re so against name dropping why did you keep mentioning UEFA’s David Taylor in the conversation. But your O’Shaughnessy gag was much better than McBride’s Japanese story. Jock? I’m not going to comment on the e-mail correspondence the next day but to my son, Brian, all I can say is…….Bloody hell….well done. It’s okay. Your mum doesn’t read this…just in case.

And can I just say to those doubting Thomases (not you Mr Alexander) that the good looking ladies such as G, G, C, S, L, E, the Torrance One and the real smiley Carol do exist. They are not products of my fertile (?) imagination. And all music used (with one exception) has come from my strange and eclectic collection.

But it was so nice to meet Gill D down Byres Road the other day. The Steve Earle album I bought was superb, by the way, which means that a CD of his Copperhead Road album will now be going to Oxfam, quite soon, maybe. We’ll see. The previous CD, with that in mind, never made it.

But that leaf design on your latte reminded of something I once tried to grow from a cutting, curiously enough picked up in a flat in Cumbernauld, a long time ago. Mmmmm. Didn’t take but it wasn’t wasted.

And Gill. Estate agents sell houses not fireplaces.

Steve Earle, incidentally, has been clean and sober since 1994, wears his hair long and has been married at least five times. So, two-thirds a role model then. And I’ve gone off Gordon Strachan’s leather jacket.

Elsewhere, my own favourite moment of Euro 2008 so far was during the Italy v Romania game when the fans starting chanting the theme tune from the Banana Splits. Tra-la-la. Go on. I defy you (particularly older readers). Name them all without looking it up on Google.

Younger readers, it’s what we used to do in pubs when conversations got boring. Then we would discuss our favourite childrens’ TV progs. My favourite of recent years? Teletubbies. I just loved the rabbits.

And my good friend, Claire, why must everything be a competition? I thought your mother looked real good as she walked into the High Street car park just as I was driving out. Except, maybe it wasn’t her, cos she never reacted when I shouted congrats at her. I was driving the white Megane. Okay. W reg and not personalised, but I like it.

Yeah. I know I look poor but, Moira, if your daughter had only said, I would have sponsored you as well. And my cultural offer of a few weeks ago still stands. That’s all I’m saying.

And so to today’s “And finally”. The mid-week Race For Life special edition of the blog attracted a record readership. Seriously. As much as these things are measured. Maybe people were expecting pictures. A special supplement, perhaps ?

So, G,C and the Torrance’re obviously the fans’ faves at this stage…if you want to edit a special Celeb version of the blog, as happens in the real tabloid world, let me know. You know where to find me. Maybe in that Mansion on the Hill. Or at least in my still very small semi in Summerston. Keep me posted.





11 Responses to “There’s gonna be peace in the valley tomorrow ’cause tonight we’re gonna blow it all away. Lord we feel so twisted, we ain’t never gonna fix it, we’re just waiting on the light to shine on a brand new day”

  1. Claire Says:

    You will never take me off my high horse, John.

  2. Johnt850 Says:

    A challenge has been issued. A gauntlet delivered. We shall see. And the wager, fair princess?

  3. Dennis Kelly Says:

    I did not introduce David Taylor, Uefa General Secretary and long time personal friend’s name into the conversation on Wednesday night. It was Mr McBride who asked me if I had seen or spoken to him recently. And you are right, I am against name dropping, as I was saying to the Pope over a pint on Saturday night. Catch you later.

  4. Johnt850 Says:

    I’m sorry. I’d one tomato juice too many. I’d a bad celery stick. I thought I remembered things these days. What can I say?

  5. Dennis Kelly Says:

    No need to apologise my friend. That celery can be extremely dodgy if you are not careful and the only tomato juice too many that you had was the one I bought in the pub. Other than that a splendid affair all round.

  6. JP Says:

    A most intriguing insight into your musical tastes and social strategies, Mr Thomson. Steve Earle you say… I ‘ll maybe look him up. As for the name dropping, personally I love it, more of it if possible. If there’s one thing society is missing just now it’s the blood thirst style craving for information about people we know, even though they do not know us.
    Oh and thanks for helping me out – I didn’t get my by-line but it’s a complicated story in which I spout smoke from my ears and begin to foam at the mouth so i’d better save it for now.

  7. Johnt850 Says:

    No. The basic trick to blogging is that Johnt850 is a separate person from anyone else you may be thinking of. So. I have no idea who this Mr Thomson is. Who taught you, anyway?

  8. Claire Says:

    If you manage to bring me from the high horse on which I perch I will finish an entire flapjack made at the hands of me and Laura F… which were not an entire success I must admit….


  9. Johnt850 Says:

    Okay, m’lady. The challenge is accepted BUT, and I may regret this, what do I put up to make you shut up? I’ll think about it. You, or others, may have ideas.
    And how do we measure pulling you off the high horse?
    Mmmmmm. I’ll think about that as well.

  10. JP Says:

    I think I get it now. BIt of a newbie when it comes to blogging.
    As for measuring high horse removal i think once a person is able to consume an entire humblle pie it’s fair to say they’re at ground level once more. Can’t eat humble pie on horseback – it’s too wobbly and the horse won’t stand still for it. Get baking!

  11. Johnt850 Says:

    That is really frightening JP, for reasons you shld not be aware of. This world is getting spookier all the time!

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