As I walk down the street, Seems like everyone I meet Gives me a friendly hello. I guess, I’m just a lucky so-and-so

The distinctive words of Dr John, the Night Tripper, explaining just how I feel this weekend. And Oonagh, did you ever play that mini-disc I copied for you? And no, no mention of the photo, not this blog anyway.

No, a slightly different blog this week. 

Today I am going to expose myself (and not for the first time in the last eight weeks, dear readers) to the brilliant people of TRC (and occasionally TRD) in the Thomas Wheldon Building of Gartnavel General Hospital in Glasgow, without whom a major part of this blog would not have been written. I have been writing this twice a week since just before we met. Early stuff is now in the archive. I have been (almost) totally under cover.

And also the brilliant men and women with whom I’ve shared the reception area outside the sandblasting chamber. I’ve spoken about some of them, but there were so many others, like Davie from Port Glasgow who did his National Service on Christmas Island and has seen more nuclear bomb tests than George Burley has seen Rangers players recently.

And, it’s true. What’s said personally within the sandblasting centre, stays within the sandblasting centre. Only the funnies escape.

I’ve been down the other reception area recently and, whilst they are quite quiet, they tell some helluva good stories. Before I tell them, dear readers, I would suggest that some of you should look at the old style 3-in-1 oil cans. No more at this stage. Ask dads, or go to social history museums such as the excellent People’s Palace on Glasgow Green where next week the Race For Life takes place in which my good friend Claire is running.  (There’s your plug, C. Possibly not the most seamless of links but I think we got away with it. What? Maybe too convoluted? Can I have the last word for once, please? Ta.)

Ah, speaking of plugs…..but that’s another story.

And to the 21 year old daughter of the Irishman with white hair, I hope the reference to me as “wee man” was about my height, and that you hadn’t been sneaking into the chamber when I was unclothed. Don’t worry. My idea of selling my remaining enemas in the Possil at £10 per pop was a joke. Honest. And no, TRC. I do not know why I have three left over. I did use them all. I’m sure. Maybe I got extra in my prescription….just in case.

I apologise for laughing so much and so loudly and to the lady from Blantyre who thought I was probably the kind of child who had to be put outside the class for laughing so much, I was the sort of lecturer who had to put himself out of the class for laughing so much. But I do have one complaint.

My bottom lip is black and blue. Every time I heard a sandblaster say something like, “You can’t see it for looking for it”, or my particular favourite, “You can’t see the wood for the trees”, I had to bite my lip. And as for being unintentionally (?) tickled?

As to the future, there are tests and results, but they can wait just now, and I’m sorry L, with the yellow cardigan, I didn’t take in a word you said but thanks for the hug. Lips but nae tongues, not that I’m telling anyway.

Favourites among the sandblasters? Of course not, except, N, you do not need to go to Weightwatchers on a Saturday morning. No, seriously. No way. You tell me who says you need to. That’s all. I know people who frighten for a living. Just say the word.

So that’s it. One step over and the next one a few weeks away. The blog continues and I hope any new readers stay with it. Please feel free to blog comment. Only I get your e-mail address, N, so it’s totally confidential. But serious thanks to you all.

And the way you all teased me on that final day by pretending there was a long delay. That really rocked!

A couple of other items of club business. To all the Winers I had to contact, there is now no need for naming and shaming you guys and I will be there in November. Enjoy yourselves on Friday.

To Dennis, I notice that that The Wurzels (younger readers, I wouldn’t even bother!) are to do a rap version of Combine Harvester, so your ambitions might yet be realised.

And I didn’t know how popular Ashton Lane, just off Byres Road, actually is until very recently. That’s all I’m saying, for now….

And finally, (Too many sentences beginning with “And” today), to those of you might be worried about whether or not I’ve lost my good looks recently, I can only quote the words of a former student (and not one of “the usual suspects”) who said “Good to know u re still the same john i know.” You don’t need to know the circumstances but I think it says a lot. So, to those I’m hoping to see on Tuesday night, hopefully you will still recognise me.

cya and tc


One Response to “As I walk down the street, Seems like everyone I meet Gives me a friendly hello. I guess, I’m just a lucky so-and-so”

  1. Dennis Kelly Says:

    Just back from holiday and playing catch up. Great news about the Wurzels and glad the treatment regime is over – the blogs were getting longer all the time. Another month of treatment and I would be on a day a week to read them. However, content always good – quality and quantity which is unusual these days. See you tonight – Dennis.

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