The gold road’s sure a long road, winds on through the hills for fifteen days. The pack on my back is aching, The straps seem to cut me like a knife

Stone Roses there and that’s me well into what should be my final fifteen days…..of treatment. So far, so good. Actually I once got drunk with Ian Brown. Down in London. I wish I could remember whether or not I had a good time. I’m sure I did.

Quiet again this week down the sandblasting centre. But that’s because our usual machine needed servicing. (Too obvious, that one). Altho’ both me and the man from Port Glasgow sat in our usual waiting area and didn’t mix with them others. They are so quiet. Next week they join us. They have no idea.

Actually, this meant that the sandblasters were running a wee bit behind schedule and I was asked if I could stick it out. So I thought about it, long and hard…..(Amazing what a mis-placed comma can do for your blogging skills. I think I’ll just leave this paragraph unfulfilled). 

I had this mysterious Phase 2, that I start next week, explained to me by one of the medical staff and she did it really well. She doesn’t seem worried. But then again, she’s not having it. She didn’t seem “phased” by it at all.

What is good is that there is now a feeling for planning for post-treatment and the tests and stuff still to be done in June and July, which is why, dear readers, I am quite happy to keep this blog going for a lot longer than I originally intended (No. That’s too obvious as well) Clear up rate is supposed to be really good. Sorry. I think I’ve confused my clinics.

Incidentally, and on a slightly serious note (sorry Ed Team), I found myself talking to some folk I hadn’t seen for a while and explaining I was receiving treatment for prostate cancer. There was a gasp but the important words are “receiving treatment”. It’s like when I tell people I’m also a “recovering alcoholic”, the important word is “recovering”. Em, you did all know, didn’t you? Seventeen months now. Anyway, sermon over.

Let’s move onwards and elsewhere. My claim for incapacity benefit now seems well in hand (Still too obvious) thanks to an anonymous lady called Norma from the local Benefits Centre. Some money was paid into my account yesterday so I bought new clothes and CDs. What? Food? Sorry. I didn’t realise. And I also asked about milk tokens – just in case- but got turned down for those.

Returning to Richard Winton’s excellent Herald article last week about how Summerston is going to be swept by champagne and strawberries fever next Summer, I notice that Mel, the tennis coach, is looking forward to the fact that she is 21 just two days before she goes to America “with a mischievous nod towards the legal drinking age”. There is a website , but I’m sorry Torrance One a.k.a. the Vampire Slayer, it’s for tennis lessons, not bevvy sessions. Will T1 ever make it to the cemetary? I was offered the Cheerleader, you know, but I said “No. I like my superheroes local.” 

And can I, for once, pay tribute to the kiosk operators of our supermarkets all over Scotland. I buy a number of newspapers each day (There’s a surprise) and I have only just realised how the young ladies fold them in such a way that the bar codes become so much easier to scan. Watch me at the Self Scan checkouts from now on, but only if you’re really bored, dear reader, only if….

And I’m writing this before Rangers take on the might of Leningrad tonight but my favourite true story so far is that the Baghdad Loyal Supporters Club couldn’t find a bus to take them to the game. So the advice they have received is that “Teddy Bears who find themselves in the Iraqi capital should make their way to the bar of the British Embassy” So the next time you find yourself in Baghdad and under attack from a bunch of shi’ites and you’ve a bit of a drouth, get your Broxie costumes out and head for the Ambassador.

And I think that’ll do us for today. A whole blog without a single double entendre. Amazing. (Read into that, and the above, what you will, dear readers)

And finally, no connection, good luck to Gillian K and the others over the next few weeks. GK is one of the best things to come out of Cumbernauld, along with clr, since they built the A80. GK claims to have been one of my most loyal and faithful readers (both sides of the sectarian divide there. No need to turn my coat) since the blog started. Aye! Right! But thanks anyway. How’s the camper van doing?




7 Responses to “The gold road’s sure a long road, winds on through the hills for fifteen days. The pack on my back is aching, The straps seem to cut me like a knife”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Hey John.

    There that’s it, I now understand the Buffy reference!

    Why not try a song quote from the back catalogue of Muddy Waters?

    I’ll stay tuned.


  2. Johnt850 Says:

    What like Champagne and Reefer? Used to be a favourite of mine!

  3. Brian McBride, the capitalist running dog Says:

    I am a tad worried you are scraping the bottom. Of the barrel. apologies for the misplaced full-stop whcih bloggers apparently can do.
    I mean the music, Stone Roses, I am expecting Fran and Anna up next.
    Obviously not running into any writers bloke (is that how you spell it?) as this week’s was even longer and you are predicting it running for ever.

    Reluctantly admit I stil enjoyed it and still look forward to it. Brian

  4. Dennis Kelly Says:

    Brian, I wholeheartedly support your attempt at getting the musical icons – Fran and Anna, up there. John has so far turned down my reqests for Terry Wogan’s “The Floral Dance” and also the Wurzels. He has no class.

    Anyway, John, I agree with Brian in that this is a damn fine read today and if this is you running out of things to say then I dread it when you find more material.

    Keep it up

  5. Your illegitimate son, Says:

    Hey JT,

    Good to hear from you, you’re missed in 2A. Thanks for the link to the blog, I’ve actually been following it with R&O since the beginning. The course is going OK, will miss the Met after my years there.


  6. jackthenipper Says:

    If T1 turns up in Heroes season three I can only hope she makes it a far better watch than season 2 turned out to be.

    Save the Cemetery, Save the World!

  7. Heath Kepp Says:

    Great write up, I will be sure to bookmark this post in my Digg account. Have a awesome day.

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