Some days you gotta dance, Live it up when you get the chance…..Gotta loosen up those chains and dance

Wise words from the fun loving, anti-war Dixie Chicks and ninety years young Nancy would love those lyrics. Still dancing, still flirting.

Weird times down the old Treatment Centre. The machinery’s been a wee bit hit or miss and I’ve missed a couple of treatments but the staff are brilliant at fitting you in. It looks as if the end of May target is still on, but if not, then, hey, lots more comments like Friday’s “Can you wriggle up the bed a bit?”…It’s been years since anyone’s said that to me.

But different treatment rooms do have different techniques and ways of marking your body so that the radiation can zero in on your tattoo marks on a regular basis, but does the indelible ink marker arrow have to be followed by “:) hee hee” ?

And then there’s the added problem of our water. We have to drink two cups of water half an hour before the sandblasting. A slight delay is a potential problem but we’re men of the world. I used to drink pints. Now I don’t drink alcohol at all. Two plastic cups of water is nothing to men used to corridorless trains.

However, I do wish the well-meaning medical staff didn’t show such concern about it. “Can you hold your water for a few minutes longer?” It only adds to the pressure. It’s a wee bit like those moments (parents will know what I mean) when you say to your young son or daughter “We’re coming up to a service station. Do you need the toilet….just in case?” and getting the answer “No”. Only to be told, once past the services, “Well actually, now you mention it.” or however that translates to bebospeak.

However my colleagues are resilient and we’re all chipping in for some new bulbs just to see us through the rest of our treatment. So what’s been happening elsewhere?

Can I use this opportunity to apologise to the young lady who sells me newspapers every morning at eight o’clock from the kiosk at my local ASDA? On Friday, she cheerily said,” You’re a wee bit later today,” to which I replied; “I’d a couple of e-mails that came in overnight I wanted to reply to.” How pretentious is that? I cringed, outside in the car park where no-one could see me. Yes, dear reader, they did come in after I’d gone to bed…just as Newsnight started.

Kiosk operators have amazing talents; selling lottery tickets, cigarettes and disposable lighters at the same time as reading newspapers upside down. Sorry. I’ve done it again.

Let’s have a go at people who deserve it. Namely those running dogs of capitalism who don’t want us to know about the increase in the price of pan scourers. Like the daily newspaper who highlighted the fact that the cost of filling the kitchen cupboards of a typical British kitchen has risen by SIX times the rate of inflation. But did it mention the “whopping” increase in the price of pan scourers? No. It did not.

C’mon McBride, you’re supposed to be a captain of industry, you’ve just been profiled in the Financial Times. Do something about it! Oh you sell books, do you? but do you sell books about the price of pan scourers? Exactly.

Finally, a big welcome to the world to a new baby whom we’ll call Mirren (‘cos that’s her name) and my personal congrats to a proud Gran, Jeanette, who’s always ensured that my behaviour towards twenty-one year old students has been right and proper. (“Gas and air”, J? Sums you right up! xxxx)




11 Responses to “Some days you gotta dance, Live it up when you get the chance…..Gotta loosen up those chains and dance”

  1. e Says:

    i’m delighted that you’ve made me aware of the shocking price increase in the cost of pan scourers. I will ensure that i use them longer before replacing.
    thanks. Your blog is thus saving the environment.

    candle serenity garden is burning wonderfully well, love it thanks

  2. Johnt850 Says:

    Is that what thing is called? I did wonder.
    Incidentally, somebody in the street asked me if I was talking about all pan scourers or the brand leader? I mean, has Al Gore ever mentioned these things? Be brill if he did.
    Readers, what do you think? but thanks for yr thoughts e. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Kev G Says:

    ‘but does the indelible ink marker arrow have to be followed by ” 🙂 hee hee” ?’

    That line almost made me blow fanta out of my nose! I feel a session in photoshop coming on!

  4. Brian McBride, the capitalist running dog Says:

    Oi! As one of the Running Dogs/Captains of industry I think its a bit much to take shots at me just because I don’t sign on.

    I sell more than books, we sell almost everything, including, wait for it, pan scourers at 32p for 6. At this price, no more research needed, just buy!

    PS You talked about Al gore being brill, was this a typo and he was actually brillo?


  5. Thomas aka TA Says:

    Hello JT.

    Forget about inflation affecting the stock market. It’s the bloody kitchen utensils that get it in the gonads!

    As for the assistant at Asda’s Kiosk, well Kiosk workers in general…

    The less said the better.

    One other thing. Are you a Clyde supporter John?


  6. Kev G Says:

    @Brian McBride: No more research needed? I think not….32p for 6 scourers is not too bad, I grant you, but let’s not forget the P&P charge that would be levied by your otherwise excellent organisation if you spend less than £15.

    Were I to purchase my 6-for-32-pence scourers exclusively from Amazon it would cost me a minimum of £6.21 (inclusive of VAT).

    Now, if someone in a posisiton of authority in the organisation were to.. I dunno…let slip the promo code for free delivery or something then PERHAPS I’d shift my regular scourer purchase your way. Just throwin’ that out there. 😛

    PS – when we getting the Kindle the UK?

  7. Johnt850 Says:

    I used to be a Clydebank senior team fan when they played at Kilbowie but I don’t see what that’s got to do with the price of pan scourers, brill though they may be.
    And I’m staying outta any discussion about kiosk attendants. I feel small enough as it is.

  8. Brian McBride, the capitalist running dog Says:

    No formal Kindle plans for UK to announce yet, but you may see jeff Bezos’ letter on it on the main amazon web-site. We have now caught up with the demand backlog. (Sorry John, not trying to re-direct your traffic).

    PS Promo codes, what promo codes???!!!!

  9. Johnt850 Says:

    A gentle comment about the price of pan scourers has become a major discussion on the marketing of “the Kindle the UK (?)” (Sorry. What is Kindle?).
    What will I write about today?
    Anyway I must go down to the local Supermarket, which I think I shall not name today, and buy my lottery ticket. It ‘asda be my lucky day today.

  10. tarantulaboy52 Says:

    Pan scourers cost around 14p for 5 in Tesco…

  11. Kev G Says:

    The Amazon Kindle is essentially one of those data-pads you see Cap’n Picard reading in his ready room on Star Trek.

    It’s very very cool. A touch flawed in the old design department, according to some, but it kicks the ar$e off the iPhone (wouldn’t be hard – lets face it) in the Cool Gadget stakes.

    Have a look:

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