Strain living with a name they get the best of me, But I’m no walker away

Those Kings of Leon know how to work a lyric don’t they? Do you know that their first names are Caleb, Nathan and Jared, which I always thought were the Dingles in Emmerdale, but there you go.

So that’s the first week out of the way and I feel so humble, not to say foolish and embarrassed. I thought I knew the score, all the codewords. There was a woman in our group whom I’d never seen before (this group should not be confused with any mixed sauna which I may or may not have visited in the past, thinking it was a health club). So I said to her, “First time?” to which she said, “No. I’ve been coming for five months. I’m getting both chemo and radio.” Oh ground, please swallow me up.

But I’m enjoying myself. I think I’ll go back for a second week. Sounds a wee bit like a child at the end of their first ever week at primary school who doesn’t fully realise they have no choice. Even if there is a wee man there who is threatening to tell me all about a side effect he describes as “the broken glass scenario”. He uses different words.

The radiotherapists are amazing. They are so precise in their measurements they could put Clydebuilt draughtsmen to shame and ..Yes. They have to be. (That’s this week’s size gag out of the way). And my apologies to the young female radiotherapist when I sat up before I was meant to. Honest. I did know I was six feet off the ground. (Not)

But other things have been happening this week. I was at a funeral. A marvellous woman eighty-nine years young. Lots of people were there including Charles Kenendy, MP and also Rector of Glasgow University. Can I just say that not only did he arrive by taxi, he paid for it with cash and he did NOT ask for a receipt. See, they’re not all greedy, graspy, etc, etc.

Also it was the only funeral I have ever been at where the words “unlicensed foreign currency transfer” have raised a laugh. You had to be there.

And of course, the footie’s been fun. Lots for us menfolk to discuss this week. The women can read their magazines. (And I have received a copy of the “samizdat” publication. It’s quite glossy, seems to be about alternative/complementary medicines and one of its patrons is David Jensen, “radio and TV personality”. Younger readers, don’t even bother. More of icon anon).  

And now to this week’s Cyberspace experiment. Last week I tried a link which worked. This week it was going to be a pic. It was to be a pic of an orange with symetrical lines on it sitting on a sheet of paper. (It’s a long story but it reminds me of a student called Fiona, whose dad is a doctor in Coatbridge) but I couldn’t get it under control (which also reminds me of a student called Fiona……)

But worry not, I shall keep trying. I have just taken some interesting photos in the cemetery opposite but then the burial party asked me to move on. I shall maybe try one of those mid-week, that is, if the zombies don’t get me. 

If you’re house-hunting this week…Good luck



2 Responses to “Strain living with a name they get the best of me, But I’m no walker away”

  1. Son Says:

    Well done dad, putting your foot in it!! Could be worse could have been a stupid hat with a feather

  2. Dennis Kelly Says:

    Certainly brightened up my otherwise tiring and tedious Monday John. And also great to see you last week. Will keep in touch and looking forward to the next episode.

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